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GrooveJar customer ZAC CHINE

Ever since we installed GrooveJar we have seen a 240% increase in newsletter signups on ShopSwegWay. Not only we have more signups doing marketing, but the apps are very easy to customize and comes across as an unobtrusive way to building a marketing list.

GrooveJar customer logo ZAC CHINE
GrooveJar customer JOSH MCALLISTER

GrooveJar is great! We use GrooveKudos to show potential customers our reviews from around the web and to drive higher conversion rates than we were previously getting.

GrooveJar customer logo ROB BRENNAN
GrooveJar customer JOSH MCALLISTER

In only 6 months, we added more than 25,000 emails to our email list using GrooveExit and GroovePop Exit intent technology. We strongly recommend it!

GrooveJar customer logo JOSH MCALLISTER

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Website and Shopping Cart Abandonment

We help you turn visitors into customers by collecting all emails typed into your website (including those from the GrooveJar installed apps). Then we help you effectively market to them–recovering lost revenue.

  • Generate more revenue
  • Increase your visits

Website Abandonment Cart Abandoment

Exit intent pop ups

Collect emails, redirect users to another link, or ask survey questions. You can also trigger pop ups based on time, scrolling behavior, or even require visitors to enter their email address before viewing a page.

  • Collect emails
  • Show coupon codes
  • Discloses your offers
  • Fully Customizable

Exit intent popups

Showcase your happy customers

Increase your website’s trustability by displaying happy customer’s comments with our review app, GrooveKudos. Show the world how great your products or services are!.

  • Show comments from happy customers
  • Show Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack, Google, or manual reviews
  • Increase the trustability of your website.
  • Fully Customizable

Show reviews website

Look more popular

Our hype widget pops up showing your visitors that other people are buying.

  • Shows website activity
  • Discloses your offers

More visits website

Quickly grow your email list

Get more leads and turn more visitors into customers. Our suite of conversion apps were created for one purpose: to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE.

  • Collect emails
  • Redirect users to a special link or show a coupon code
  • Many revenue growing options
  • Fully Customizable

Grow up your email list

Awesome Analytics

Track your website visitors, emails collected, conversions, and more.

  • See your recovered revenue
  • Measure your apps performance
  • Export your emails
  • Build your own apps

Analitycs visits and emails

We have everything you need to boost your website. Try us free for 14 days with unlimited access.

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Easy HTML5 integration

One-Click Integration With Your Email, CRM or Marketing Automation Platform

GrooveJar works out of the box with all of the most popular marketing platforms and CRM tools

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Integrates with everything using Zapier
300+ integrations


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